How do you prepare for a relaunch and develop new signage specifications?


Waitrose & Partners’ new brand identity brings their partners to the fore and emphasises the John Lewis Partnership, business heritage and the distinctive qualities that mark them out from their competitors.

Having managed two previous rebrands and a long-standing relationship with the brand, Waitrose & Partners turned to Integrity to deliver their vision across every element of signage and customer journey.

The most prominent physical representation of the new identity is the store signage and for this Waitrose & Partners turned to Integrity to bring their new brand vision to life, working closely with Waitrose & Partners’ design agency Pentagram and their signage contractors to develop the design concepts, undertake detailed construction design and prototyping, stakeholder approvals and preparing sites ready for installation.

The design intent for the key signage items pushed the boundaries of construction methods and included using new technologies in sign manufacture to deliver an impactful identity across every type of storefront, through the development, we documented the design within detailed visual and technical specification documents. 

These captured every detail to deliver the visual intent from materials, sizes through to vinyl colour references. We worked with Waitrose & Partner’s procurement department to undertake a thorough tendering process.  With our detailed documents, we ensured a level playing field and that all tenderers were costing exactly the same specifications. We assisted Waitrose & Partners throughout the process including prototype review, cost analysis and interviews to ensure that the chosen supplier would meet the quality requirements without any future cost increases.

Our work for Waitrose & Partners often includes roll-out projects, whenever possible we look to offer cost savings to the client. One way we achieve this is by managing bulk manufacture programmes to ensure efficiencies on large volume items.

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