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How do you create a positive and engaging university experience to welcome students back after a duration of remote learning?

When students choose a university, they not only select a place of academic excellence which starts them on the right path towards their dream career, they also look for a destination that provides them with a reassuring and exciting first step away from their parental home, where for the first time they are in charge of making their own decisions.


How do you adjust your brand for internal and external audiences?

When creating an identity it is important to first understand your brand's overall strategy and mission; building a framework that defines your purpose, values and personality that truly reflects who you are as an organisation. Once your brand strategy is in place it's crucial to consider how this is reflected across communications for each of your audience types - ensuring both external and internal parties understand and champion your brand for it to reach its full potential.


When implementing a new brand identity it’s key to ensure that your brand ethos is reflected consistently across each and every location.

We’ve been working with AXA XL to manage their global re-brand programme following the acquisition of XL Catlin; a previous client of ours. As part of this project a kit of parts was created following an in-depth brand audit at each site; comprising a family of signage, glazing manifestations and brand communications elements, that met the needs and sensitivity of message at each location.


How do we see office spaces evolving as we start to head back to these environments?

The global pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our lives for over a year now, including basic tasks that we had previously taken for granted, such as going to work, meeting clients in person and socialising with colleagues. Over this time, we have all developed new ways of working and in many cases our working patterns have become more agile around other aspects of our lives. So how do we see the office space evolving as we start to head back to these environments?

Here at Integrity we love our pets! They are frequent visitors to our office (when we’re there!) and while we’re working at home they love to make an appearance on the video calls (uninvited...). We’ve had the joy of working from home with them over the last year and are thrilled to announce that our pack has grown by two since the start of 2021!

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