HeadshotTo continue our #meettheteam series we are getting to know Claire. She has been working at Integrity for just over five years now and specialises in the administration and organising of a lot of Integrity’s projects.

 So let’s get started!

Tea or coffee?

Coffee without a doubt, I don't like it too strong and my favourite is a skinny latte or a flat white; my local Coffee shop always knows what I want when I go in. But after 1pm I’ll switch to a strong tea as I can't have coffee too late otherwise I’ll be awake all night.

Favourite YouTube video

So I'm not a big YouTube watcher but there is one that comes to mind. It's an old one that makes me chuckle all of the time; it’s Fenton the Dog. It’s a video of this dog that's chasing the deer in Richmond Park and his owner is running after him shouting FENTON! It just makes me laugh every time!

Favourite animated film?

There's a few but it has to be the Lion King. It's set in Africa which is special to me as I've spent a lot of time travelling there. Every time I watch it I get really emotional, especially the scene with Mufasa and Scar. It's great that my kids enjoy watching it too, even though I'm the one who always suggests putting it on!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Sour sweets! If there is ever a bag of Tangfastics around I will devour them. I'll always ask the kids to get some fizzy sweets for me from the Pick 'n Mix when we go to the cinema. Oh and maybe Jamie Redknapp.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

There are a few bits. The office has a great vibe, we're like a small well-knitted family, which I love. It's so different from my previous job which was in the hustle and bustle of London. But I also really like starting a new project from scratch, especially when it’s something I haven't worked on before.


What would you say you’re known for in the office?  

Probably for being the travel girl. I'm often sorting out people’s journeys and accommodation. But otherwise, it's my online shopping packages, which I get delivered to the office. I'm known for ordering a lot of clothes, especially ordering them here so my husband doesn't see them!

What’s your favourite board game?

We like a lot of board games in my house, but the favourite is Monopoly. We play it with all the family and it gets a bit heated, normally about who the banker will be. I'm looking forward to my husband buying the New York version when he travels there as it will be fun to play a different version. Having said that there's always an argument between us, and my little boy always cries when he gets sent to jail, but it's still good fun to play.

Who’s your celebrity doppelganger?

I’m struggling to answer this one. But there's a children’s presenter on MIlkshake in the morning called Jen Pringle. I'm not really like her as she is really hyperactive and I'm not but people say I look like her - I don't really see it though.

What is your favourite past time?

I've got a few. But the main one has to be fitness, I work out four or five times a week. Running is my main thing, but I do other things such as boxing and weight training, among other things. I enjoy getting out and running in the countryside as it helps me switch off. I do miss it at the moment though as I’m unable to run this late into my pregnancy. I did try pregnancy yoga recently but that wasn't for me as it was a bit too slow, I prefer cardio.

What have you achieved that you're most proud of?

I was quite chuffed when I did a half marathon recently while five months pregnant. It was the London Landmarks race which was really nice to do as it was around the area I used to work. I entered before I was pregnant and it was too good of a race not to do and I was really proud of myself to finish it in 2 hours 15 minutes. It was also great to see my family at the end too cheering me on.

Can you draw us a self-portrait please?


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