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For this week’s interview we’ve spent some time getting to know Dave, who’s one of our more experienced designers. Like a few of us, Dave first joined as a fresh-faced intern and returned to Integrity after completing his degree. He’s always the first to crack a joke at work and is well known around the office for his exploits at the X-Factor auditions last year (more on that later)…

1. Tea or coffee?
For “Business Dave” it’s Coffee, and for “Non-business Dave” it would be Tea. I may also treat myself to the occasional Hot Chocolate if I’m out and about, but that would be the full works: whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles – the lot.

2. Favourite YouTube video?
I have a few favourites, but a safe-for-work option would be the Maple Kind Dog. It’s the talking dog (Dave does impression of the dog) being teased by his owner. I was shown it by a couple of the managers (we set good examples here!) in the office huddled around a screen, it’s a classic.

3. What’s your guilty pleasure?
The first guilty pleasure would have to be Riley’s. Imagine the grimiest pool club in your head, it’s probably worse. But I love playing pool so much that I persevere, a couple of us from the office tend to go every so often, on a Friday night. (Since the writing of this article Riley’s Pool Club has shut down.)

In terms of a TV show it has to be The Office, I absolutely love it. I’m constantly reeling off (David) Brent lines at work, and sending YouTube clips at inappropriate times. I can’t wait for the new film to come out either. I do think sometimes I base myself a little too much on David Brent, which can get me in some tricky situations.

4. What part of your job do you enjoy the most?
The people, for sure. We have a really good vibe in the office, I get on really well with everyone. I like to get up to our London office when I can as well, to see those working up there. We have a really close-knit bunch and I really enjoy working on different projects within different teams. This applies on the client-side too, the people I work with at my core clients are really friendly, and we have a really positive working relationships because of that.

(Dave loves mixing up his weeks between our London and Kent Offices)

5. What’s your favourite board game?
Password; It’s my quick-fire ‘wild’ game. We usually play a couple of rounds of password to lift the spirits at a party. Then if we want a proper sit-down game: Masterpiece, it’s an old classic. I must have played it close to a thousand times with friends, and Password close to two thousand – and that was just this Christmas. (You see what we mean about the jokes?)

6. Who’s your celebrity doppelganger?
I’ve got a few! The favourite around the office is probably Ben from Eastenders. I’m not really sure what to make of it, but I have to agree when I put a pair of glasses on I am a dead-ringer. We are not talking the current Ben Mitchell, it’s the second of the three actors to play him. Back in his X-Factor days I looked like Ray Quinn, though since he has been hitting the Gym for Dancing on Ice we no longer look that much alike. My personal favourite has to be one from a look-a-like app, which chose Brad Pitt as my doppelganger. I would say that’s the closest. 

7. What is your biggest blooper moment at work?
Immediate one that comes to mind: I’m out on a site visit way up north, it was the morning of the visit, I’m getting suited and booted, and I realise I’ve left my suit shoes at home. It was either brave a pair of jeans on my visit, which never goes down well, or wear desert shoes with suit trousers. In the end I chose option 3: the mad-dash to Clarks in the morning to buy a new pair of winkle-pickers. As it happens I still wear those shoes, so it ended quite well.

Probably more of a regret than a blooper, I agreed to recreate my X-Factor audition at work – the recording of which was then played out to the office. To date it’s one of the more awkward things I’ve experienced. (Dave would like the record to show he got through to the second round of auditions last year before being knocked out). The song I chose was “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone, but after hearing my recording, I felt anything but…

8. Can you draw us a self-portrait please?
A rubbish one, yes. (we think it’s pretty good!)


Join us next time, when we’ll be joined by Stella...

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