Harvey the dog in the car parkWe’re really proud of our great team and love introducing them to the world through our meet the team interview series. Today we're interviewing the newest (and smallest) member of our team, Harvey the Black Labrador puppy.

Harvey's a part time member of the team whose roles and responsibilities include hugs, cuddles, shredding confidential documents and stress relief through stroking. So, let's get to it and find out a bit more about what makes our newest member tick... 

1. Tea or coffee?
Personally I'm not a big tea or coffee drinker (and I can't reach the kettle) which makes it hard to contribute to the team round. Woof. I actually prefer water...I particularly love how it splashes around my face, plus my Mum gives me water, she's the best.

2. Favourite YouTube video?
My absolute favourite video is a day in the life of my friend Boo (the World’s cutest dog):

Boo and I are totally different puppies - he loves dressing up and photo shoots, whereas I'm more of an outdoors-y type... but our friendship just works. I miss him. Whimper.

I've actually made my own life story Youtube video, which is quite cute - see what you think.

3. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Biscuits. Biscuits. Biscuits. 

I know I shouldn’t but I just can’t stop myself once I get started. My colleagues tells me to eat healthy but I just love them so much. Do you have any? Are you sure? I don’t believe you…

[It got awkward at this point and we had to take a short break.]

4. What part of your job do you enjoy the most?
I went into this for the love of design, but honestly my favourite part is sitting on people's feet, keep them company and having my head scratched… It takes me forever to move around the office, someone’s always stopping me for a little head pat along the way. However, I’d say the part of my job I’m best at is the shredding of important documents, it’s a natural talent, what can I say? Snuffle. 

Harvey and Katie. and Harvey shredding documents

Some head scratching action from our lovely Katie and Harvey doing what he does best, shredding documents.

5. What’s your favourite animated film?
Without a doubt "The Secret Life of Pets", have you seen it? It's amazing - I felt like I was watching my life on screen - it's unbelievable how autobiographical it is... a work of art really. Bark bark!

6. Who’s your celebrity doppelganger?
Well, I’ve been told I look like a young Gosling (Ryan) although I’m not too sure about that. Personally, I think Toothless from ‘How to Train Your Dragon’… Gosh, I wish I could fly. Woof.

7. What is your biggest blooper moment at work?
Well, I love meeting new people… I guess you’d call me a ‘people-puppy’ although sometimes it can all get a bit overwhelming and I get very excited, like yesterday, twice… sorry Chloé.

Harvey and Tim coming to clean up after an excitable moment.

Harvey and the loo roll

8. Can you draw us a self-portrait, please?
I’ve only just started my design drawings so please go easy on me. What do you think? Does it capture my likeness? Wruff-wruff.

So to summarise, Harvey, the newest member of the team absolutely loves meeting new people (watch your feet), is crazy about biscuit treats and quite fancies himself as a movie star. We absolutely love him and are glad to welcome him to the office.

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Harvey with his boss, owner, carer and feeder, our MD Tim.

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