HeadshotOur latest victim of the #meettheteam mini series is Mark, one of our more ‘mature’ members of the team. He’s our happy face of Integrity tup North (Yorkshire to be precise) and a dab hand at racquet ball but we’ll talk more about that later. First let’s get down to the crucial questions...

1. Tea or coffee?
For me, tea has the edge but to be honest I’m not overly fussed on either. I have a sweet tooth, so to tell you the truth, up until I watched a recent documentary on high sugar levels in drinks, I was actually partial to the occasional fruity water (we’re surprised it wasn’t a Yorkshire tea)!

2. Any personal or family favourite YouTube videos?
I’m a big fan of the clip from a Greek football match where the stretcher carriers keep dropping the player and eventually end up throwing him by the side of the pitch (check it out for yourselves here)! For the family favourite, it’s not quite a YouTube video but in terms of films my boys love Madagascar and Ice Age (Mark goes on to describe his favourite character, Captain Gut, from Ice Age 4, “the evil orangutan”). I like it so much that I’m now the one asking to watch it!

3. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Are we still on the record? Well it was chocolate up until the “great diet of May 2016” (interview took place on May 3rd). Given that I spend most of my time on the road, I’ll opt for the supermarkets for lunch, to avoid eating junk food from McDonald’s or KFC (other fast food outlets are available), but I’ll end up buying a multi-pack of chocolate bars. I have been known to finish off a multi-pack in one journey!

4. What part of your job do you enjoy the most?
Meeting people and building up relationships and trust I’d say. The thing I like about my role is that I tend to meet new people and may go on to work with them on several projects (Mark is heavily involved in making sure every Volkswagen showroom across the land has the correct furniture and signage installed and ultimately meets with the brand’s standards).

5. What’s your favourite board game?
“Stratego” (it’s a new one on us as well). It’s a war based game involving little figurines and the aim is to capture the flag. You need to have a clear strategy (the clue is in the title) and a good memory. My second choice would be “Test match cricket”, it’s one the ‘oldies’ will remember (just think of cricket’s version of “Subuteo”). I tend to play them with my boys and let my wife watch the soaps in peace.

6. Who’s your celebrity doppelganger?

Ooh I’ve had some horrible ones actually. The one I treasured most when I was younger and took as a compliment was being told that I was a young Robert Redford (we kind of see where he’s coming from). I also got accused of looking like Darren Anderton and Alan Shearer on three separate occasions, but that was purely on looks and definitely not my footballing ability!

7. What have you achieved that you’re most proud of?
My biggest achievement has to be reaching the dizzying heights in the world of racquet ball. I may have slipped since, but as of October 2015 I was ranked number 18 in Britain (impressive stuff!) and managed to win the UK Racquet Ball over 40s Plate. I’d say I’m most proud when I’m watching my boys play football. They win far more games than my beloved Leeds... not saying much I know!

8. Can you draw us a self portrait please?
Hmmm not sure... (We’ll let you decide but we don’t think it’s too bad at all).


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