Hollie LowRes SquareHold the front page - it's another #meettheteam interview! If you want to know all about the heart of Integrity you've come to the right place. Hollie is one of our newest recruits, having joined us about 1 year ago. Here she is, in (mostly) her own words...


1. Tea or coffee?
Definitely tea or hot chocolate! I don’t like coffee at all. (Hot chocolate wasn’t one of the options but we'll let Hollie off).

2. Favourite youtube video?
Anything cat related but there was one with a bear where people were driving past and waving at a bear and then the bear waves back (Hollie does an impression of the bear and begins to cry with laughter!)….. you can see the video yourself on the link below.

3. What part of your job do you enjoy the most?
Anything creative, I love the creative side of projects and really thinking outside the box wherever possible! Although I do enjoy getting out on site too, it’s nice to have a change of scenery and seeing projects we have implemented!

4. What’s your favourite board game?
It’s been a while since playing a board game but I would probably go for one of the classics! Either Monopoly or Cluedo – because they take ages to play and you get really into it! We used to play as a family which was always nice, particularly as I used to always win (evil laughter)

5. Who’s your celebrity doppelganger?
Well, I don’t agree with it but too many people have said it on different occasions…. Miley Cyrus!! Not the crazy blonde Miley that we have now but the old one when she was first on the scene. It’s more the friends and family that I don’t see too often that say it!

6. What is your claim to fame?
One of my Synchro competitions (Synchronised swimming competition) was on TV. Sam and Mark competed as part of the TV show ‘Do Something Different’ and you could see me in the background! (So Sam and Mark, not Ant and Dec or even Dick and Dom but Sam and Mark!)

7. Can you draw us a self portrait please?
Oh no…. if I have to yes, I’ll give it a go!

Hollie sketch

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