HeadshotFor this #meettheteam interview, we are getting to know our two placement students, Yash and Harry. Both are studying at Brunel University and have just finished their second year. Yash is studying Product Design and Harry, Industrial Design. Yash’s course is more problem solving based while Harry's is more creative and open-minded. Although they are on different courses they knew each other before coming to Integrity as they worked on a university project together, creating a solar-powered safe drinking water bottle for developing countries!

 Anyway - let's get started!

Tea or coffee?
Yash: I don't drink tea or coffee but my go-to drink would have to be an Ice Milo which is Asia's version of a chocolate Nesquik.
Harry: Well, I’d have to go for a coffee (black) at this time of day (9 am) but I can never say no to a good cup of tea - with milk of course! 

Favourite youtube video?
Yash: Anything with John Oliver in, although I did see one recently about a pizza delivery phone call which was hilarious...

Harry: Mine would have to be a squash video where a player called Paul Cole keeps on diving to reach the ball. It's a great video to watch that shows his determination to win and also proves why he has the nickname “Superman”.

What's your favourite animated movie?
Yash: Has to be Monsters Inc, it's my go-to movie which was way ahead of its time when it was released.
Harry: Cars, it's a great movie...

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Yash: A Friday night feast with a pizza, a Corona and lava cake. Every time I say it's the last… but I’ll order it again without a thought.
Harry: This is a hard one for me, but if I had to choose it would be cold pizza the morning after a night out.

Can you remember what it was that made you want to get into the field of design?
Yash: My interest in design came from my fascination with planes and all things aviation. I’ve traveled quite a lot and the technology that goes into planes made me appreciate design as a discipline.
Harry: Formula 1 has been my passion for years and once I realised the idea of becoming an F1 driver wasn't going to happen I started to look into other ways of being involved in the sport. When I started studying design I realised how big the field was and what I could do within it.

What are you most looking forward to doing at Integrity?
Yash: The thing I'm looking forward to most is taking ownership and being a part of a project and team from beginning to end. Also getting to see what I have worked on out in the real world would be cool.
Harry: Just being involved with live projects and making things that will be seen. I definitely enjoy working on live projects rather than university briefs. 


When are you most creative?
Yash: When I'm tired and about to fall asleep ideas just come to me and then in my sleep I somehow refine the ideas. Otherwise, it’s when I'm in the shower.
Harry: Contrary to most work environments it's when I'm on my feet talking about something else and then something will just pop into my head. 

What’s your favourite board game?
Yash: There's too much luck with a game like Monopoly so it would have to be chess where you need skills to win.
Harry: Awkwardly I'd have to choose Monopoly, there's nothing else to say. Monopoly is all about tearing families apart with arguments which makes it so fun! 

Who’s your celebrity doppelganger?
Yash: I have heard Tom Cruise before but I don't really see it. My dad said Brian Smith but I don't know who that is so I can't comment!
Harry: I'm in trouble with this question, I've been told by older generations that I'm a spitting image for Steve McQueen but I don't really see it. 

What have you achieved that you're most proud of?
Yash: It's a no-brainer for me that it's my 2 years service in the Singapore Army, some of the worst days of my life were during that period but I made it through. I could then help other people, later on, get through the same types of issues. Teaching them skills and seeing them graduate was great and some of them are still my good friends.
Harry: On a personal level, I ran the Great North Run and raised over £700 and I'm proud of that because I was injured at the time. 


Favourite chocolate bar?
Yash: It has to be a Patchi, it's made in Dubai and has nice golden little bits of chocolate. It's amazing!
Harry: Dairy milk, with one caveat, it has to be the square version. Cadbury’s ruined it when they changed the shape so if anyone still has one please send it to me! 

Finally, can you draw us a self-portrait, please? 


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