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How do you ensure the consistent implementation of new co-branding principles across a Partner network of over 400 companies?

For the past two years we've been working with Ordnance Survey® on their co-branding strategy. We've engaged with a diverse range of teams and stakeholders across the business and worked with several of their Licensed Partners to achieve a holistic strategy that strengthens the OS brand and provides customer clarity.

In April this year the co-branding guidelines were launched to Ordnance Survey’s extensive Partner network and since then we have been undertaking engagement and support to help all Licensed Partners to implement the new principles across their on-line and printed brand assets - ensuring the brand elements are deployed consistently across the on-line or physical customer journey.

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As part of this engagement process, we’ve prepared communications and tools to help each Partner to digest the new guidelines. This included an email campaign and the development of “quick start” guides. We've also increased Partner awareness of the updated co-branding principles by presenting on a streamed webinar at OS’s annual “Partner week” event.

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In addition to the network-wide engagement activities, we've provided hands-on support to “early adopters”, through a three-stage process, including a review of current co-branding applications, with consultations and preparation of tailored design visuals to help bring our recommendations to life and ensure each element is fully achievable before supporting each Partner with their implementation.

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We’re excited to see this new consistency come to play across the Partner network along with the increased value and awareness this will bring for the OS brand.

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