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How do you manage the implementation of a new brand design and ensure this is applied consistently across 80 locations in 13 weeks?

For the last few months we've had a team on the road visiting Volkswagen Passenger Car showrooms around the UK - managing the install of the brand's ID plinths and graphic walls while ensuring the new design is consistently implemented and Volkswagen's high quality customer experience is maintained. We are now approximately half way through the roll-out programme, completing 80 installs so far...

Throughout this project we've been working with Volkswagen Group and their retail installation partner Techo UK Ltd to manage and co-ordinate the installation work.

2 INT PostcardBlog January RW 17 02 2022

Our process begins with an initial discussion with each retailer to understand how their showroom space is currently used and agree on the requirements for the ID plinth and reception area. We then co-ordinate with the design team and contractors and pull together a bill of materials for each site and place equipment orders on behalf of each retailer. 

3 INT PostcardBlog January RW 17 02 2022

Once the agreed design is finalised we visit each site to review the enabling work, covering electrical services and structural changes. During this visit we also agree the delivery and install approach with the retailer to ensure the necessary space is available in time for the install crew’s arrival onto site. This information is then relayed back to Techo for install team co-ordination.

We then attend the final installation day and work with the installation teams to help resolve any on-site issues and challenges and prevent delays to completion. We then finish our visits with a retailer handover and final snagging review which is relayed back to the design team.

4 INT PostcardBlog January RW 17 02 2022

We love how the new ID plinth brings an impact of colour to the showroom environment. This is just the first element of an overall identity refresh, so we can’t wait to see how the design implementation continues to evolve across the customer journey.

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