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What is the purpose of brand guidelines and how do they benefit your brand? 

Brand guidelines create a platform for communicating your brand standards effectively across your business, all in one single location. This is extremely important, not only because it maintains an up-to-date record of your agreed principles, but it also acts as a useful tool that helps employees, partners and third party agencies to develop an understanding of your brand and play their part in building it’s consistency.

Providing an overview of your brand, identity elements and application principles helps each end user to understand who you are as a company; your purpose, values and personality and the behaviours you expect to see throughout your organisation.

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Accompanied with all the relevant tools and templates, you can also ensure that end users have access to the information they require to create consistent material - making it easier to do the brand thing, not their own thing! This ensures that all your brand touch points, both internally and externally facing, remain consistent throughout.

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The use of on-line brand portals as a home for these guidelines and assets is also beneficial, as these can provide immediate access to the very latest design standards - for any end user, no matter where they’re located. We’ve been implementing these online tools extensively over the last two years and it really is the best way forward. Alongside the benefits of brand consistency, brand guidelines can also be used to create a framework for change and innovation across your business. As guidelines provide clear definitions of your brand principles at any given time, they can also provide a clear benchmark for future evolution that can be trialed, approved and updated to suit.

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When developing brand guidelines we bring design thinking to every aspect of the process. The look and feel of the content (making sure it’s both accessible and as usable as possible), and the tech development of online tools (to allow easy access to the latest up to date standards at all times). We develop standards for the physical and digital world - from on-screen brand identity to the physical specification of the built environment. We’re unique in our breadth of experience and ability to articulate brand standards in ways that ensure a consistent brand experience, everywhere.

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