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How can our product development services help you develop products that enhance your brand?

At Integrity, we've built a business around the concept of Industrial Design being a key business tool, "Design for Business". We utilise this design strategy to help bring our client's brands to life. We are adept at problem-solving, and we adapt to answer our client's biggest brand-related challenges.

As well as solving complex brand development and implementation challenges, we often bring out our inner Industrial Designer and help clients with physical product design challenges - developing physical equipment for their customer environments or employee workspaces for example.

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When Plastic Logic came to us during the first lockdown, they had the vision to build finished products from their flexible display technology. They needed to bring their brand alive in the display marketplace through developing finished technology products,not just supplying their display technology to others. They turned to Integrity to utilise our wealth of Industrial Design experience and over the past two years, we've been developing exciting and challenging products.

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Our work starts with the technology, designing products from the inside out. We develop the finished shape and form based on logical construction and assembly and solve the various engineering challenges to ensure products are fully fit for purpose, utilising environmentally sensitive materials, and delivering maximum ROI through amortised tooling and automated assembly principles.

We've developed high-precision casings for a full range of e-Ink displays, flexible ID tags and even digital displays for the backs of buses! Our process covers concept to production. We utilise high-precision 3D CAD through to 3D printing of prototypes and managing short-run prototype tooling utilising manufacturers in the UK, Europe and the Far East.

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Integrity's Product Development servicehas become a core component of our brand services mix, and clients are finding it invaluable to utilise this strength whenever they need to develop unique finished products.

Interested in our work? Call us!

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