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How do you bring your brand identity in-line with your brand ambition?

Our working relationship with Hi-Tec began in 2011 when they approached us with a new brand vision. Their dated brand identity no longer reflected their strong market position and they needed our help to change this. Hi-Tec were, and still are, market leaders in spray technology; offering not only supply and maintenance of the industries latest advances but the design and implementation of larger spray systems.

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What is the purpose of brand guidelines and how do they benefit your brand? 

Brand guidelines create a platform for communicating your brand standards effectively across your business, all in one single location. This is extremely important, not only because it maintains an up-to-date record of your agreed principles, but it also acts as a useful tool that helps employees, partners and third party agencies to develop an understanding of your brand and play their part in building it’s consistency.

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How do you ensure the consistent implementation of new co-branding principles across a Partner network of over 400 companies?

For the past two years we've been working with Ordnance Survey® on their co-branding strategy. We've engaged with a diverse range of teams and stakeholders across the business and worked with several of their Licensed Partners to achieve a holistic strategy that strengthens the OS brand and provides customer clarity.

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How do you manage the implementation of a new brand design and ensure this is applied consistently across 80 locations in 13 weeks?

For the last few months we've had a team on the road visiting Volkswagen Passenger Car showrooms around the UK - managing the install of the brand's ID plinths and graphic walls while ensuring the new design is consistently implemented and Volkswagen's high quality customer experience is maintained. We are now approximately half way through the roll-out programme, completing 80 installs so far...

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How do you create memorable destinations within a supermarket environment that enhance the customer experience and bring the local community together?

Every year the arrival of the Christmas season also brings about the release of the infamous John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners adverts. This year, the Waitrose & Partners’ Rushden store refresh has also been completed just in time for the holiday season, bringing in new concepts that support and connect the Group’s brands and partnerships alongside the individual needs of the local community.

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